How to stay healthy during the holiday season – Eat pie without the guilt

holiday treats

Holiday season brings sweater weather, pumpkin spice, snowy days, warm fires, and lots and LOTS of deliciously fattening foods for about 2 months straight! Such a scrumptious time of year.

Staying healthy during the holiday season may seem nearly impossible. Especially with your dear great auntie Trish making her irresistible carrot cake with the creamiest cream cheese frosting… how could one resist! Let’s be real… No one wants to disappoint their lovely great auntie and turn down her wonderful desert she spent all morning baking.

This was always a big question in my mind when I first started my healthy lifestyle. “How the hell do I stay healthy during the holiday season?!” Well it’s not as hard as you think! I’m going to share all my key tips to avoiding the notorious 10 pound weight gain during the holidays, while still eating all the yummy food!

Giving yourself options

Healthy lifestyles are becoming more and more popular now-a-days, which makes life SO much easier. I noticed quite a few more healthy options at my family thanksgiving. Everything from gluten free potatoes and stuffing, to Paleo cookies and avocado chocolate pie.

healthy thanksgiving

If you have some healthy options at your family/ friend thanksgiving, then go for those and skip the normal unhealthy stuff. In my opinion, these food options taste just about the same, or even better! Get the same mouthwatering satisfaction with less guilt!

On the other hand, if your surrounded by all the cookie cutter fattening holiday staples, there is still hope! If you know you won’t have any healthy options, then bring something of your own! Make some gluten free stuffing, Paleo pie, Keto mashed potatoes, etc… This way you 100% have a healthy option or two. Plus you can share your healthy choices with your family/ friends and give them a little info on how changing a few ingredients can be JUST as delicious, but have way more nutrients and be less harmful for the body!

Don’t stuff yourself like the thanksgiving turkey

One of the biggest mistakes EVERYONE makes at holiday dinners, stuffing themselves like it’s the last meal they will ever eat. I’m just as guilty as anyone else on this topic. Surrounded by all these amazingly delectable dishes, compelled to have a little of everything being offered. It’s always a trap!

bloated stomach

Thanksgiving happens every year and we need to remember that! No need to stuff ourselves until our pants buttons pop. This takes self-control. Pick your absolute favorites on the table and take a little scoop of each. Make a serious effort to create a normal portioned plate for yourself instead of the typical Mount Everest of potatoes and turkey nearly overflowing off your plate.

Get yourself to the happy full point so you’re able to actually enjoy the yummy pies and cookies later, rather than painfully cramming it in your stomach. Then if quantity of food allows, ask to take home some leftovers! This is always a great way to fully enjoy all the amazing holiday foods. Break it up and have a nice thanksgiving sandwich the next day or two for lunch Vs. stuffing yourself until you are in a food coma with your pants unbuttoned not able to move from the couch.

It’s a lot more rewarding and satisfying to have some self-control!

The golden trick – Intermittent Fasting

fasting for digestion

Intermittent fasting is becoming more and more popular every day. Most have heard of it and possibly read about it. If you haven’t, here is a short definition. Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern where you cycle between periods of eating and fasting. Pretty straight forward.

I believe intermittent fasting is a great thing to add into your life once a week or so. Humans have been fasting for thousands of years. I don’t believe we need to be constantly eating like how society has taught us. There are many health benefits to adding intermittent fasting into your life. As for the holidays, intermittent fasting can come in handy for sure!

What I find the most beneficial is fasting the day after the holiday meal. This doesn’t mean you need to fast for the whole day after. Just some of the day if that’s all you can handle. Some people like to do a full 24-hour fast after indulging in a big day full of holiday treats. As for me, I like to go by the 12:12 method. Eat for 12 hours of the day, then fast for 12 hours. This one is pretty easy to do for beginners.

Example: If I have my last piece of pie by 9 at night on thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc… then I won’t eat until 9am or later the next morning. This gives the body a nice break to digest and regulate before you eat again. There is also the 16:8 method. Eat for 8 hours in the day, like from noon to 8pm. Then the day after don’t eat until noon again. This can help greatly with the holiday bloat belly! This is a special trick I use for every holiday party.

Save up your cheat days for the holidaysworkout in the cold months

With all the holidays so close together, I try to limit my cheat days. Everyone needs to cheat once in a while and have some chocolate or bake some cookies. There is nothing wrong with that! Baking is one of my favorite things to do! But limitations are key for holiday season.

If I know ill be going to a holiday party one weekend, for that whole week I won’t cheat at all. Having self-control and sticking to your healthy lifestyle will pay off greatly when it comes time to party. The options for yummy food, drinks, and treats are endless this time of year! I’ll plan around these parties and throw in an extra workout that week so I can just let loose without worry.

The key for me is to stay busy, which isn’t hard around holiday season. I’ll keep on making my healthy meals and stick to my workout schedules. Then the week of a party, ill try to stay a little extra strict and possibly throw in an extra workout to compensate for all the indulging ill be doing when party time comes. Another key factor is to remember there are MANY parties during this season. Don’t go overboard all at one place. Let yourself let loose to a point, and then save some indulging for the next party to come!

Treat oneself without guilt

pumpkin pie

As I’ve explained, it is definitely possible to stay healthy during the holiday season. All you need is a little determination and self-control. It’s very important to treat yourself once in a while and eat that pie or cake!

These are my absolute best tips to keep on track during the delicious holidays. It doesn’t take much sacrifice either! It’s much easier than it seems to be at first.

If you combine all these great tricks, you will be GOLDEN! I guarantee you will be able to skip gaining those holiday pounds with just a little self-control and effort!

Wishing everyone a scrumptiously healthy holiday season! If you have any input on your favorite holiday tricks, leave a comment below!

~Stay balanced~

Peace and Love

~ Jade Kaye


The benefits of a healthy diet – Why you should break-up with junk food

nutritious plate of food

We are all guilty of eating unhealthy sometimes… or maybe all the time for some of us. I understand how hard it is. We all have bad days at work where we just go home and order pizza or stop at the supermarket to buy dinner and just can’t resist the beautiful bakery cookies or muffins on display. Let’s be honest here, today’s society has made it EXTREMELY easy to eat unhealthy and have poor nutrition.

The transition from the “all American” diet, to a healthier one, is always tough at first. The biggest reason people don’t give it a try is because they don’t know the benefits of a healthy diet. Most assume its just “too much work”, “too expensive” or ” flavorless” and never consider how much greatness it can bring and how delicious the food can be!

I’ll be honest, when I first started transitioning to eating healthy, I had the same concerns. Things like frozen pizzas, shepards pie, and mac and cheese, are all so cheap, SO delicious and very easy to make. I’m here to explain that there are healthy ways to make all of your favorite foods! Cost wise, it may be a little more expensive at times, but not by much to get quality food. Sometimes its even cheaper to eat healthy! I’m going to break down all the AMAZING benefits of a healthy diet and how incredible you can feel from it.

The importance of a nutritious diet for mind clarity

Getting proper nutrition and sleep is VITAL to thinking clearly. Everything in your body links together. Your body is likenutrition for mind clarity one sophisticated machine made up of a bunch of little systems that bring power to it. All the “systems” need to communicate with each other correctly in order to power the “machine” at its optimal ability. Food equals fuel. If you feed yourself sub-par food, it equals…well… sub-par results right?

I love doing research on scientific studies. In multiple studies I’ve read, it was proven that a healthy diet filled with vitamin and nutrient rich foods promotes a more restful and deeper sleep. A better nights sleep results in a naturally sharper and awake mind! Having brain fog is definitely very common. The main cause of that is poor quality sleep. When you toss and turn all night, you don’t get the amount of REM sleep you need to function at your best. The most common cause for restless sleep is poor diet and eating too late. The healthier diet you have, the better quality sleep you will get every night. This will then promote greater mind clarity every day! Our body is connected in so many ways that we don’t realize.

Nutritious food equals quality fuel for the body, produces a sharper mind, and boosts and maintains sustainable energy throughout the day. Give a good effort and cut out the fried greasy shit that you usually order for lunch. Make time to prep yourself a big salad full of fresh veggies, seeds, grilled protein of choice etc… Try it out for yourself and pay attention to how fantastic you will feel from it.

The benefits of a healthy diet for your body and mood

Have you ever heard the saying “heal your body from the inside out?” This is one of my favorite sayings because it is SO true. Whatever is happening to the outside of your body is usually a result of what is going on inside.

For example, if you’re getting sudden acne, that could be caused by hormonal changes, stress or greasy and unhealthy foods! Sometimes even eczema and other skin rashes can be prone to flaring up because of an unhealthy diet. The more nutritious food you put in your body, the more efficient it will run all around. Your organs will sync up and run cleaner. Also, your skin will have so many beneficial vitamins to absorb which will promote healthier, more radiant skin. The same goes for food and your mood.eating healthy equals happier mood

The benefits of a healthy diet and your mood are significant. I have personally noticed my mood is more positive in all situations when I’m eating healthier meals. Say you eat something super filling and greasy. Most of the time, all you want to do is go lay on a couch and veg out after eating that stuff. Which will naturally cause a more irritable, or sluggish mood. On the other hand, if you eat a healthy nutrient packed meal full of veggies and don’t over stuff yourself, you will then be full of energy and feel good. This will promote a more positive mood toward anything.

Cost and effort

healthy organic veggie pricesA big factor for people to veer from switching to a healthy diet is the cost of the healthy foods. Along with the amount of effort and time it may take to prep and prepare meals, people tend to stay away.

I will be upfront and honest about the effort it takes. You have to be dedicated to living a healthier life and providing a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family. It does take some extra time to prepare meals. I know what everyone is thinking… “I just don’t have any extra time“… There is always time to be made when you’re dedicated to something; especially, if it means creating a healthier life for you and your loved ones. Plus you will feel AMAZING and more energized from it every day!

Cost comparison of an unhealthy grocery list to a healthier one (All research based off of Walmart groceries)

Unhealthy 3 day dinner list:

  • Frozen pizza & French fries ~ $10
  • Pasta dinner: Pasta, frozen meatballs, pasta sauce ~ $15
  • Basic taco dinner: Taco shells, shredded cheese, 1lb ground beef, taco seasoning packet, rice, lettuce, tomato ~ $20

Total price: around $45 depending on the brand.

Healthier option 3 day dinner list:

  • Margarita pizza: 2 pack of frozen cauliflower pizza crust, organic tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, tomatoes, sweet potato to make fries with ~ $14
  • Lentil pasta dinner: Lentil pasta, vegetable broth, diced tomatoes, 1 onion, 1 bulb of fresh garlic, fresh basil leaves ~ $11
  • Zucchini boat tacos: 3 zucchinis, 1lb ground turkey, shredded mozzarella, canned corn, black beans, 1 bell pepper ~ $16

Total price: about $41 depending on brand.

There are so many food options out there. My goal was to explain that there are healthy ways to make just about all your favorite foods and for the same price! Sometimes its even cheaper! All that’s required is a little extra prep work and effort. Cooking fresh whole foods gives you the freedom to experiment and create fantastic recipes that you can season any way you like best. This way, you are getting way more vitamins and nutrients from your food which gives you more energy as well! Lastly, you won’t have to feel guilty about eating delicious foods because its all good for you!

Fantastic flavors

One huge concern for people to make healthier meals is they think the food will be bland and boring. Well I am telling you spice up healthy foodthat is false! If you have basic seasonings in your cabinet, its possible to spice anything up and make it taste delicious!

I personally love learning new things. Finding new healthy recipes online has taught me so many ways to cook and with so many new vegetables and foods I’ve never used before. You have to have an open mind to trying new things, I promise most of the recipes you find are absolutely delightful! This lifestyle gives you the ultimate chance to widen your horizons with new foods and expand your pallet!

I am a firm believer in the Paleo diet. That was the first diet change I made when I lost 15lbs. There is an abundance of amazing recipes online that taste FANTASTIC. Anything from chicken dishes and winter soups, to mouth watering desserts that you just won’t believe are healthy to eat! I have the most intense sweet tooth. So if you think you have to give up sweets to stay healthy, you’re wrong! Cutting down on the sweets is definitely a must, but I promise you don’t have to give it up.

One example of a super easy and delicious dessert recipe:

~Avocado chocolate pudding~ I know it sounds crazy, but be open-minded! It doesn’t taste like avocado at all!

  • 1 avocado,
  • 1/2 cup of pure maple syrup or honey
  • 1/2 cup of unsweetened Cocoa powder
  • a dash of sea salt
  • 1tsp vanilla extract.
  • Blend in food processor, or blender, until smooth. Chill in fridge for about 30 minutes then enjoy! Super simple, and SOOO freakin’ yummy!

Why diet and excercise make the perfect couple

I’ve said quite a bit of how changing to a healthier diet can benefit your life. Now what happens when you add working out along with that? Diet is a good 80% of why people have health issues. The other 20% is getting active and exercising.kettle bell exercise

Along with a healthy diet, exercise has proven to strengthen the heart and improve circulation in the body. The increased blood flow gets the oxygen levels up which lower the risk of heart diseases such as high cholesterol, coronary artery disease and heart attacks. Exercising also causes the release of certain chemicals that improve your mood and make you feel more relaxed. Staying active later in life can slow down the loss of bone density, essentially keeping you feeling younger and stronger!

One of the biggest reasons why I love exercising, it promotes better sleep! It helps you fall asleep faster and stay asleep for longer. Sexual issues can become a problem as we get older along with anything else. Studies have shown that exercise can improve and reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction in men. As for women, regular exercise can promote more frequent sexual arousal. Pairing exercise with a healthier diet is the key to living a happier life and potentially a longer one!

Lifestyle change for the better

When and if you decide to change to a healthier diet. The biggest piece of advice I can give is don’t call it a “diet”. Treat it as nothing but a “lifestyle change”. Diets always end, but lifestyle changes stay forever! Baby steps are key to anything new.

Eat healthier meals a few times a week, then slowly progress to all the time. Once you are ready, add some exercise along with it. The goal is to change your lifestyle into a healthier one all around, and make it stick! That is the most important part. Don’t just jump into this all at once. Do your research and take your time to find healthy habits that stay with you forever.

I am living proof that changing my lifestyle to a healthier one has made me 100% happier. I have lost almost 20 pounds over the course of a year, but I took my time and have been gaining muscle as well. I’ve never felt better in my whole life and that’s why I’m here. Encouraging others to push themselves to live their best lives just like me! Everyone deserve to feel amazing every day. With a little dedication and hard work, anyone can accomplish living a healthy and happy life.


Peace and Love

~ Jade Kaye


Please don’t hesitate to comment or ask questions. I will respond as soon as I can!







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Hey Friends! Welcome to Nutritious Health and Fitness. My name is Jade Kaye. First of all, thanks for checking out my site! Let me tell you a little about myself. I’m a goofy, free spirited hippie chick who loves food. I’m currently a full time Welder, but i have a great passion for health, nutrition, and fitness.

Growing up, I was a very active kid always playing outside no matter what the weather. I was also on a national dance team, and did gymnastics for fun. However, This doesn’t mean I was the most fit kid nor did i have a naturally fast metabolism. Like I said before, I’ve always loved food especially sweets!

It has taken several years to maintain my healthy lifestyle, and i’m still learning new things everyday! This journey takes effort and willingness to change old habits into good ones. I am so grateful I chose to stay on this path, as It has opened my eyes to so many amazing things that can come from being active and eating healthy.


How I got here

I have loved baking ever since I could reach the counter top. As I got older, I learned to love cooking too! Ever since high school, I struggled to stay in good shape. I never worked out and wasn’t very active after I stopped dancing. Like most adults, I would easily gain weight when I indulged in the yummy desserts or fried food that I made. Finally I got to the point where I was just tired of feeling bloated and sluggish (and gassy… lol) all the time.

Late junior year of high school is when i decided i needed a serious life change. I wanted to make working out and eating healthier a part of my daily living. The beginning was a serious struggle and my motivation was very inconsistent. Fell of the ban wagon a few times but remembered my goals and the why to get back up and try again. After a few years of practice, trial and error of diets and workout plans, I finally have a pretty reliable routine down.

I know exactly how hard it is to get motivated to start working out. Or being so desperate with fad crash diets where you try to lose 10 pounds in 2 weeks… and it kinda works, but then all the weight comes right back and more. I know how frustrating it is to get the hang of when you’re first starting. When there are SO many diets and workouts it can be very difficult to learn what fits best.


My Goals for Nutritious health & fitness

My Goals for starting this page, is to show people that they’re not alone. Everyone wants to be healthy and Fit, but it honesty is hard when you have no idea where to begin. I was there, and it took time and effort to really figure it out. My research consisted of studying and trying various workout plans, between P90x, Running, Kenpo karate, kettle bell swinging. Finding, creating and cooking the best healthy recipes that taste great, including sweets for my intense sweet tooth. I want to share everything i discovered with people who are in the same position as i was years ago.( And teach how to make kale taste awesome!)

This is what brings me to this blog today; I want to share my story and what i have learned over the years with people that want or need help to transform their lifestyles to healthier and happier ones. It is very possible to make a change and feel great everyday! I would be nothing short of ecstatic to inspire and help people reach their health and fitness goals…with some laughs along the way of course 😉

I’m here to make your lives easier with recommending the most delicious healthy recipes I’ve found, diets I believe in, workouts that I absolutely love and products that have helped me, all in one site! I have loved helping people since i was a young girl and never knew how i could bring that into my daily life until now.


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